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  • Customer:SocialSky World Media
  • Live demo:www.socialskyonline.com
  • Category:Bookkeeping
  • Date:21 August, 2017
  • Tags:Bookkeeping, Accounting, Virtual Bookkeeping

Our Client

Bookkeeping and CFO Services

SocialSky World Media is an advertising agency in Central Florida that came to us with a backlog of accounting that needed to be complete. The founder had an opportunity for growth that he engaged our CFO services to analyze the investment.

Project Analysis

The owner came to us needing updated and accurate financial information so that he could make some very important upcoming decisions. During the project analysis phase, we dig into his current financials and guide him on where he needs to be.

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Project Planning

This phase provides us with critical data to support our financial plan and is a period of gathering information which may include budget tracking, financial forecasting, software integrations and much more. We come up with a plan that best suits you and your business. We want to put your business on the path to success and solid financials are the first step.

Project Execution

This is a critical time and for this case study with SocialSky World Media, it was imperative that we migrate all of the existing data over to our web hosted platforms, but also that we come up with a billing system that was more effective for them and their clients. We were able to accomplish all of this with execution of our project in a timely manner and the full satisfaction of our customer.

  • Bookkeeping Migration

    • Gather Data From Old Software
    • Migrate to Quickbooks Online
    • Register and Integrate with Bill.com
    • Register and Integrate with ReceiptBank
    • Set Up Monthly Recurring Billing
  • CFO Services:

    • Financial Forecasting
    • Asset and Depreciation Schedule
    • Obtain Additional Bank Funding
    • Financial Compilation

Project Results

The overall results of this project spoke for themselves. SocialSky Media was able to open an additional office in another location and their billing to their clients was now on time. Lastly they had accurate financial data to be able to secure the loan from the bank for their growing business enterprise.

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