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QuickBooks Online is an online software by Intuit that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs handle their invoices, bookkeeping as well as their billing. Using this software is of many benefits to entrepreneurs running their businesses because they do not have a specialized accounting department that can oversee these aspects of a business.  

Using QuickBooks Online offers convenience to you the small business owner, in that you can access your account at any location in the world at any time of your choice because your account is stored on the cloud, and as long as you have your password, you are sure to get access. This is in contrast to using your desktop computer and maybe some paper-based system which you definitely cannot access at any location or at any time.  

QuickBooks Online is of even more advantage to you if you are the type that multitasks, as you could work on it while at the same time handling some other tasks thereby spending less time loading data. It can automatically load up data that are needed for your bookkeeping. All you have to do is link this software to your bank account, and it will automatically download your bank statements as well as the transactions you carry out on your credit cards. This means that you do not have to waste valuable time (and money) getting those data and loading them up on some desktop application (or copying them onto some spreadsheet.)  

What do you get?

Multiple Users- You can have up to five users on your company’s account, your bookkeeper, your accountant or any other person that is essential to the proper keeping of your company’s books. These people can then log in, check your books to make sure that they are up to date and correctly done. They could also make updates to what you fill in and add in other required data – isn’t that awesome? 

Remote Access- You do not even have to be in the same place to do this which means that more time is freed up to do productive things and drive your company forward. For your information, adding those five people is at no extra cost to you (except you wish to add more than five people which will incur additional charges.)  

Dashboard- With QuickBooks Online, you can also easily see how your business is performing via your dashboard as well as reports that are customized just for you. All these perks when taken together, results in your business being more organized and better structured. This saves you more time which can then be invested in growing the other aspects of your business. 

QuickBooks Online is a software that will revolutionize your business. Its impact has far-reaching consequences which cross the confines of just your company’s bookkeeping, invoices, and billings. It resonates in other aspects of your business as well leading to a continued all round growth. This is a significant opportunity for the budding business owner – don’t miss it! 

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